Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Experience the wind took the new brilliant new housekeeper brilliant new listing 2008

Recently, the demand for small and medium information from the "money management accounts" to "decision management", a comprehensive upgrade, in the "housekeeper" of the tenth anniversary of the anniversary, the wind took the company today introduced a housekeeper brilliant 2008 series software. This series of software to keep the housekeeper, "a simple, practical, easy to use" characteristics of the foundation, will provide small and medium business customers a more comprehensive solution capabilities, its cost higher, run faster, more practical, more action flexible. Housekeeper, not a brilliant 2008 series launch upgraded versions of the traditional sense, but a landmark leap.

Software as a housekeeper, a new masterpiece, housekeeper brilliant 2008 series will give users unprecedented value for SMEs a new experience. First, the housekeeper brilliant 2008 series of cost-effective, with a more comprehensive business solution capabilities, decision making rely on accurate and timely analysis of reports to assist management decision-making management. Second, the housekeeper brilliant 2008 series through a series of system optimization and improvement, the system runs faster than ever. Finally, brilliant 2008 series of practical housekeeper, also a stronger, more flexible operation set.

In recent years, with the rising demand for financial management of SMEs, many SMEs are no longer satisfied with simple "from settling accounts", but hope to have a set of management software to help its fast statistics, query and analysis of the daily business operations, customer relationship management, supporting business decision-making, by improving the management level to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. SMEs in China have been together ten years of wind took the company to grow and timely information to detect changes in demand for small and medium enterprises, with more than a decade to more than 30 million SMEs in the successful implementation of information technology experience, "Proceeding from the actual users demand ", the first comprehensive software to improve and enhance the functions of housekeeper, performance, to help small and medium enterprises in a changing and competitive business environment to maintain business speed, stability and development.

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